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Mar 15, 2013 5:30pm PDT
jack dalyrymple. he opposes abortion, but has not said whether he would sign the bill into law. gay marriage has picked up a pminent new supporter, senator roportmaofhio. it makes him t onlrepublican in the u.s. senate to take that position. portman explained his change of heart in "the columbus dispatch". he said it began two years ago, when his college-age son told his family that he is gay. wall street backed up a bit as the week ended. that ended a ten-day winning streak by the dow jones industrial average-- its longest in 17 years. the dow industrial average lost 25 points to close at 14,514. the nasdaq fell nearly 10 points to close at 3,249. for the week, the dow gained ju under 1%. the nasdaq rose a tenth of a percent. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: thousands of activists gathered this week for one of the conservative movement's biggest events. "newshour" congressional corresspondent kwame holman was there. >> reporter: for four decades the conservative political action conference known as "c- pac" has served as a barometer for rep
Mar 15, 2013 2:00pm EDT
. those agencies, those agencies that put out their regulations are required by law to explain to the american people whether it's worth it or not. they havele to certify how many hours it's going to take the american people to comply with all their new regulations. 81 year, mr. speaker, million hours. 1 million hours just last year were added to the federal regulatory code book in new work for men and women across this country. why is that low? the federal government is borrowing money to spend here. there is no prospect for tax relief on the horizon. taxes keep going up. brand new health care bill in place that folks don't understand. going to destroy their health care system, not to mention add to their cost of their business. and the federal government last year in the midst of this terrible recession, the midst of this difficult economy, added $33.9 billion in additional costs through regulatory activity that's going to take 81 million hours to complete. let's do some back of the envelope math, mr. speaker. 81 million hours. the average work year, 40 hours a week, you wor
Mar 16, 2013 9:15am EDT
with the administrative law judge. his decision two days after it was over, he said unequivocally ems was right. the testimony by the union are unbelievable and contrived. we won the decision and all the unfair labor practices they filed against the state filed 50 against us were thrown out. two days after that, that decision was appealed not by the seiu but by the united states government. you have to understand the link, the union's money is a money come. it is support certain politicians to get into office and they use it to payback unions and that is what happened at the national labor relations board. that is why they appealed the decision and it took almost a year but finally went to the board of the national labor relations board and we won the decision 3-0. our people were happy. the sad thing is people all over the midwest with other companies didn't stand up like we did and people are now subjected to this and they are paying union dues and not making any more money. i am here today because i want to help people. their goal is survival. and the public needs to know what is going on. w
Mar 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
? >> you know, my dream was probably always to go to law school. that would be a dream. but i just take it as it comes. see how it goes. >> do you have any regrets. do you worry about the future? >> no. once i made the decision and you know, i feel good about it and feel good about the way it turned out, so no, i don't have any regrets. it turned out exactly the way i would have hoped it would. i will move forward and play it by ear and take it as it comes. >> again, to reiterate, why did you do this? why? why would you put yourself out there like this? >> you know, like the people need to hear what someone really believes. they needed to hear what he really thinks. he was just saying the absolute opposite in public. and i just felt like that, you know, just watch him on tv and that just wasn't what he was saying in public. so it just -- everybody needed to hear that. >> so you knew you had a unique seat in history as to what had been said. >> yeah, i thought it could be a game-changer. i thought maybe he would leave the campaign at that point. >> okay, scott prouty, thanks for your tim
Mar 18, 2013 9:00pm EDT
. there are letters monroe wrote to his daughters, to his two sons and laws, to his political advisers, that talk about family matters. he wrote letters home talking about meeting mrs. monroe, other women in washington recorded in their diaries. there is a fair amount about her. we do not have really anything from her point of view, which is merit -- very maddening. >> what we know from what we have about her relationship with her husband? >> they were devoted. they were apart for a couple of months here and there. throughout their 44-year marriage. usually, they were together. there is a wonderful letter. samuel from new york road his wife. he had been at a dinner at the white house when jefferson was president and it was right before monroe left to go to france to negotiate what became of the louisiana purchase. fineote, monroe has a feeling. he cannot stand to be from his wife, so he is taking her with him. that was pretty much their attitude. he was devoted to family, as well. that is really what they wanted to do. if they had their chores of how they would spend their time, it would be with
Mar 15, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, you were present for the briefing and at the briefing the bank told the occ the first quarter law says were $580 million that's an exhibit 60. the losses at the end of the quarter on march 31st have been reported inside the bank as $710 million. dare we take a look at exhibit one g. this is a list that was provided i believe in may about the internal profit and loss reports. it feels like they are, you will see march $133,718,000,000 according to the bank's internal reports. what was reported to the occ was $580 million. not only that, but on the friday before the monday, april 16 public report, but i think you are involved in, mr. baustein, the bank met with the i've been losses by then had more than doubled to $1.2 billion. said before the april 16 conference call, two things have happened here. one is that the report the occ of the first quarter losses of hundred 80 million were wrong according to the bank's own records of 708 team million dollars. and then before april 16, the friday before april 16, occ losses at more than doubled to $1.2 billion. so first, ms. drew, why did you t
FOX Business
Mar 16, 2013 10:00am EDT
to sign it into law. earlier this week colorado lawmakers approved a measure limiting magazines to no more than 15 rounds. color of becomes a first date outside the east coast to restrict gun rights in the wake of newtown and/or shootings if, indeed, governor hickel lipper doesn't. the state is likely to suffer financially as well. we should point out, gun parts company back paul has threatened to leave the state of colorado over the passage of these bills. if they become law. republican congressman of indiana wrote a letter today. in that letter encouraging them to move to his home state. again, this breaking news. the colorado state legislature has passed another gun-control bill requiring universal background checks on all gun buyers and the governor, as i said, expected to sign it into law. alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, no doubt that sex and san still sell big into next we take a look at the numbers. president obama wants big oil to fund its own demise. we will have the latest on the president's $2 billion bright president's $2 billion bright idea i
FOX Business
Mar 15, 2013 11:00am EDT
from the state and keep the dea from and forcing the and federal drug law? >> thank you for having me, first. the primary goal of what we are doing is to allow adult 21 years and older access to regulated and controlled marijuana. obviously the recommendations have been put into account. the concern that our government has expressed about teenage use and the movement of marijuana outside the state of colorado. that was certainly in our minds. the focus was on what the will of the voters was. dagen: these are just rules. ultimately, will this go to a vote, christian, later in the year to decide exactly how the law is implemented? >> there are recommendations that are being given to our legislature. dagen: peter, what you know about these recommendations and these rules laid out, do you think it will keep the federal government and dea out of the state? >> well, first of all, the proposals that have come forth from colorado are something that no other country in the world has done good that is to legalize the cultivation, distribution and sale of marijuana. it is a major problem for hea
Mar 20, 2013 4:00am PDT
did the same on the president's health care law. and the bush v. gore case in 2000. >>> t.j. lane who fatally had shot three students at an ohio high school last year was sentenced to three life terms tuesday. the unrepentant 18-year-old wore a t-shirt with the word "killer" written on it at the hearing. >>> passengers on a diverted flight from boston to atlanta got a special delivery last night. 30 pizzas were delivered to the hungry passengers. as they sat on the tarmac in knoxville, tennessee. no word on who ordered the pies, but some passengers think it was a pilot. good stuff there. >>> now to health news. looks like michael bloomberg may be on to something when it comes to the debate on sugary drinks. worldwide about 180,000 obesity-related deaths each year are linked to sugar-sweetened calorie-packed beverages with 25,000 in the u.s. alone. an overwhelming amount of deaths were caused by diabetes then cardiovascular disease and cancer. >> announcer: "early today" health is brought to you by vagisil. bring yourself back. >>> with a new wave of worry from cyprus, investors are lo
Mar 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
could soon make it harder for consumers to sue for a drug's side effects. under federal law, generic and brand name drugs are required to have the same warning label. now, generics are attempting to decrease liability over any harmful effects. generic companies say the industry is unable to change the product due to those federal standards. a hidden affordable care act fee is popping up for u.s. employers. the $63 fee will apply to plans covering millions of americans in 2014. it applies to employers who take on workers' medical bills and some private plans sold by insurers. the fee will be smaller in 2015 and 2016. meanwhile, the aca is projected to help 30 million uninsured americans. hedge fund manager carl ichan is pumping up his position in herbalife. according to reports, ichan recently purchased 2.3 million more shares of the stock, bringing his portfolio total to 16.4 million. ichan is said to be considering a number of options with the herbalife managment, such as a takeover. on the other side of the trade, hedge fund manager bill ackman had a short position in the stock whi
Mar 16, 2013 2:30pm EDT
is good. stanford's law office burns in a fire, he loses his files, he loses his law books, and he decides i don't want to be a lawyer, i'm going to california. he goes to california and joins his brothers. he borrows money from them, he opens a shop in the mountains called stanford and smith and sells to miners. stanford is a taciturn businessman. he's practically wordless. anybody who met him reported the same thing, he has five words an hour. he is laconic to the point of pathology. [laughter] but he's an amiable behind the cash register, and he deals straight, and so he succeeds rapidly as a shopkeeper. he moves his shop to sacramento, the capital of california. now, the capital of california in the mid 1850s had the enormous population of 12,000 people. it's a cow town, but he becomes the grocer in town who sells the best goods. next door to him there's another shop which is a hardware store called huntington and hopkins run by a couple of guys who sell hardware. and one day in 1858 hopkins, stanford and huntington receive this salesman who's coming through town trying to pump up the
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 2:00am PDT
will hear an arizona law requiring proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. they should be able to pass laws to stop legal immigrants. >>> a pennsylvania community mourning the loss of a beloved coach and her unborn child killed in a bus crash. >> hundreds gathered sunday for a special memorial service at seaton hill university. members of the women's lacrosse team wore their uniforms and laid flowers in memory of their head coach christina quigley. quigley who was six months pregnant died saturday when a teen b team bus reared off the road and killed her and her unborn child and the bus driver. >>> world leaders are flocking to the city ahead of pope francis inaugural mass taking place tomorrow. joe biden a catholic arriving yesterday representing the united states. on sunday he held his first blessing from the balcony of the balcony. after mass he mingled with followers shaking hands talking with crowds and a lot of folks really excite to go see him. security a real concern there. >> british royals kate and william are in the middle of their first public fight. can it be over
Mar 18, 2013 9:00am EDT
and there are similarities and the one similarity on this trading floor is look at the gm bankruptcy in the rule of law in the pecking order of financial liabilities, are there similarities? does it rhyme? there's definitely a little anxiety here and how it works is out anybody's guess. right now safety doesn't seem to be as rampant as one would expect. look at a two-day chart of ten and certainly we're down a handful of basis points, but if you open the chart up year to date you can see the pattern and it hasn't been violated that much and we're in a seven-week low yield and look at the backyard of cyprus and you see a different picture and these are ten-year booms and look at year to date and we're making new year to date low yield on the boom because the comp is it's under 140 close on december 31st. let's switch gears here. let's look at a november 1st start date to the euro. you can see that the euro right now is hovering at the lowest levels based on the close that we don't yet know about december 7th. pearl harbor day and it was comping back to november because it isn't on its lowest levels. if
Mar 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
at this saying, this time it's about the russian oligard. but if you don't follow some rule of law on these -- >> one more thing, barclay's, one of the few houses putting out research over the weekend put out this bar chart to show the size of the relative costs of banks bailing out the banking system based on gdp. look at cyprus. it is so outside. ireland comes next and greece. spain, italy. they don't even come close. there's 600 billion euros of senior debt in italy. >> three practical questions. first, there's a bank holiday today. there's a bank holiday technically tomorrow. >> probably. >> if you want to get your money out of cyprus, you can't. >> impossible. >> two, when there was a crisis in -- when we thought there was a true crisis going on in italy and spain, corporationes and some institutional investors put their money in, but retail did not for the most part. so what happens in cypress and what happens across the board? even in the u.s. whether we have -- it's called runs. >> why do you touch anybody under the insurance level, though? >> i agree. that's where the writ
Mar 13, 2013 7:30am EDT
studied this issue in some depth and pointed out regardless of what congress says with respect to the law and what we do with respect to our will, it wouldn't hurt forced update some of our guidance to broadcasters be some that guidance has been updated since 1963 and is still talks about the fact that the expensive kinescope print that used to produce a film might want sponsorship identification t. i think there's things we could do internally to provide greater clarity for industry. >> that sounds like a maybe-yes. in which case need one more vote. [laughter] >> need three votes. now, this is a great consequence to the political sphere of how it was influenced by undisclosed, unlimited money. thank you, mr. chairman spent will the senator yield to a question? >> to my chairman, of course. >> it's a fascinating question, and it goes to the very root of the integrity of democracy. and there were two fairly, one fairly clear, one fairly clear yes, and then it was sort of a yes maybe and then, there's no complexity to the question. there's no way, cerebrally, to avoid answering his question
FOX Business
Mar 16, 2013 2:00am EDT
the law against sex worker drug use, do we need all these laws? so many that no one understands them? so many that even the government admits it can't count the mall. no. let's give rid of some of these laws. that's weekends. "the willis" report is coming up next. gerri: hello, i'm gerri willis live from the at atlantic city. tonight, new obamacare fees catching employers by surprise. what's in store for you company and why so many firms are fuming. also, it's a whale of a problem for j pmorgan, be di the bank ignore warning signs. getting to the bottom of the huge trading losses. and, yes, sin, definitely sells. tobacco, alcohol, gambling, look at it here in atlantic city for the business of vice special tonight. "the willis report" is on the case. ♪ gerri: we are live in atlantic city, new jersey, them a dozen casino, four, the biggest in the world, all day long on fox business, looking at the business of vice, and don't be mistaken, is big business. take atlantic city. the 12 casinos took in more than 212 million just in february alone. the entire economy of this city is based in g
Mar 15, 2013 2:30am PDT
members who are calling to restrict money from the president's health care law as part of legislation to fund the government. >> i believe that trying to put obama care on this vehicle, risks shutting down the government. that's not what our goal is. our goal here is to reduce spending. >> current funding to keep the government operating runs out on march 27th. >>> new bills tightening controls on the sale of guns are headed to the full senate. but there's real doubts over whether democrats can muster support to turn the suggestion into law. the bills limiting the high-capacity magazines and background checks have narrowly passed a key committee. and debate boild over when ted cruz challenged die in an feinstein on whether her plan is constitutional. >> it seems to me that all of us should begin as our foundational document with the constitution. and the second amendment in the bill of rights provides that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. and the question i would pose to the senior senator from california would she deem it consistent with the bill
Mar 19, 2013 1:00am EDT
to this has to to meet her father and mother in law. of that moment she would write, had i stepped onto noah's ark, i could not have been more utterly astonished. louisa catherine had a in winning over abigail adams. john adams was easy, he took to her right away. she always felt are a comfortable and well liked by him. abigail is more skeptical. perhaps due to john quincy's teasing. he only gave abigail a little bit of information about louisa catherine. he was not forthright in his intentions. it was a surprise that he married louisa catherine so quickly. abigail did not get a chance to know her. she was quite concerned, although she was an american citizen, she had never been on american soil. this was not what she intended for her son. through time, she learned to grow and love and understand louisa catherine. through the years, they forged a very strong relationship. louisa catherine describing abigail adams as the planet around which all revolved. louisa catherine and john quincy, unlike john adams, if not live at peace field year- round. summerly returned in the to get a relief from t
Mar 18, 2013 10:00pm PDT
were a distraction and a political lynching. but tonight a jail sentence looms for the tomorrower law make -- for the former lawmaker. we were in the courtroom for the guilty plea. >> reporter: the former supervisor agreed to the -- supervisor greeted a reporter on the way to court, but he didn't stop to talk under the advice of his attorney. the only talking he did was to a judge when he entered pleas to the series of the felony and misdemeanor charges that he lavishly spent public money on himself and used up to $136,000 in campaign contributions to feed his gambling addiction. >> guilty, guilty, guilty. >> reporter: that went on for seven more times. a total of seven charges guilty on all counts. >> i don't want you distracted by the political lynching. >> reporter: much different than him seen last fall as the president of the board of supervisors, reacting to media stories about his failure to report years worth of campaign contributions and how he used the accounting credit cards for dinners, drinks to casinos. he served on school boards, the san jose city council and board of s
Mar 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
wednesday. >>> the united states has switched its patent law to a first to file system. this basically means that the invent irwho makes the first application can obtain the pat ents. the u.s. government revised the procedures to harmonize the systems in japan and european countries. attention is focused on how the change will affect pat ents lawsuits and the business strategies of companies operating in the u.s. >>> tens of thousands of people in iraq have staged an anti-u.s. rallies ahead of the 10th anniversary of the invasion of the country on march 20th. the protesters gathered in the central city in response to an appeal by those supporting al sadr. they condemn the u.s. led war which is believed to have killed over 100,000 civilians. they cite an insufficient amount of electricity. security remains unstable in the war torn country. terrorist attacks and violence continue as well as political divisions among sectarian groups >>> japan has won broad approval from african countries for a declaration to be announced in june. an outline was presented on saturday at a meeting f. it brought
Mar 13, 2013 5:00am EDT
. they are complying with an investigation into anti-corruption laws. earlier the u.s. justice department and australian federal police are looking into allegations that bhp provided inducements, gifts and hospitality to officials. the company says they believe they complied with all laws. >>> china's central bank changed monetary policy to neutral from loose saying it will be vigilant with inflation fighting measures. we'll get market reaction when we come back. zap technology. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. >>> >>> china's central bank governor says they must remain vigilant to keep a hand on inflati inflation. great to see you. any time a central bank talks tough on inflation, the market can read between the lines here. does this mean more tightening is on the way? >> that's what a lot of people have been talking about whether it does is anyone's guess at this point because just to put it all in con
Mar 15, 2013 11:00pm EDT
in secret interpretation of law and withhold what you say is legal from congress. congress is congress is the only body that actually gets the legislature -- he gets to sign into law. we forget the foundations of our own constitution. we live in a very different time. you know, the founding fathers had their own contradictions. i understand all that. i have heard all the arguments. the very program, the torture program, they sponsored torture. fifty-four countries have cooperated. what does that tell you about who we are? i was told that we are different, we will never do this, because we are americans. we are americans. well, okay, we are americans. >> we are almost out of time. but before i asked the last question, i would like to remind you about her upcoming speakers. on march 18, we will have a speakers practice with reince priebus, he will discuss the forward strategy of the republican party. burn on march 20, the public charities work. in a march 26, robert johnson will be our speaker. and i would like to present the guests with the traditional national press club coffee mug. [a
Mar 13, 2013 7:00am EDT
increases to be federal law and that our question, it isn't the affordable care act federal law? he said, n,o this is something we want to continue fighting. democrats say that we've been through a supreme court challenge to an annual voted on this 30 times, why are we continuing to battle over something that democrats have no intention of appealing? host: the president is scheduled to release his budget a week of april 8. he is set to meet with house republicans today. give us the nature of these meetings. guest: the meeting today is the second of four meetings. it's part of his charm offensive stories trying to win over congressional support for a grand bargain. this has been an effort that was spurred by failing in the sequester a couple weeks ago. he has almost the opposite challenge of what he did yesterday when he met with senate democrats. they were pressing him on his willingness to accept social security cuts and changes to medicare, programs. democrats are very much in opposition to that. he will face house republicans, who don't want any increase in tax revenue. yesterday he was
FOX Business
Mar 14, 2013 5:00pm EDT
acknowledges this kind of promotion could violate anti-kickback laws but won't punish the provider if any legal issues arise. listen to this, walgreens was fined almost $8 million for doing something similar. here to break it down, dr. mark siegel of the fox news medical a-team. so, this is crazy, right. first of all, you know there is in brooklyn there is shady doctors that give out a radio boom box. melissa: really? >> come in say you have back pain and do some test. that is not this. i don't like the background of this. where is the government's assumption that even if this was okay and ethical, which i have a question about. but even if it was, what are you giving patients when they come in. where is the proof? melissa: health screening. maybe luring someone in who would not go to the doctor and convince them to have a flu shot which i know you love. >> i love that. >> you may be giving unnecessary ekg. x-ray they don't need. and shelled out to and a little underhanded save better pay that back right away. the government is always assuming that these big medical checkups are cost-effective
FOX Business
Mar 16, 2013 5:00am EDT
your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. gerri: bourbon injecting spirit into the alcohol industry. ming up next. we get an inside speak of gerri: jacking up the spirit industry. whiffingy generating d whisky generating the business. fox business' jff flock in louisville, kentucky. jeff, you have the best assignment. >> this is literally on fire in keucky. take a look at something you don't get to see. this is the brown and -- [inaudible] you're watching barrels, oak barrels being charred. they will be filled with bourbon soon. you got to make it that way. >> yes, you do. bourbon has to go in a new white oak charred barrel. >> one of the republicans the stock is doing well is they are the only bourbon maker essentially that makes your own barrels. we work with the masters to customize needs to the service. >> that's the ars you can get. that's a heavy char. that one's medium, and this, obviously, the lighter ones. it means fferent tastes to the bourbon. >> hvier char allows us to get color into the bourbon at a quicker taste so you get more sugar in
Mar 15, 2013 11:00am PDT
is that he was party to the heller case. he is familiar with the law. i don't think he's using his senate seat uttering falsities about what the constitution says. he was making a case for the second amendment. i think what we're upset about is the tone and tenor he took with dianne feinstein, which is a fair point. >> jamaal, he's already on the winning side. this assault weapons ban will probably not get passed and people are wondering what his point is. >> yeah, his point, i think, as margaret was referring to, his point is to appeal to the tea party base. i sat with dianne feinstein. i heard her tell the story firsthand about being in the city hall as deficits go when the shootings that occurred that led to her taking the mayor's office. i think she does not need anybody like ted cruz telling her what to do. this issue around gun violence, i think we have to recognize it is different for people who come from rural areas versus people who come from urban areas. i saw first gun when i was in middle school, a kid who held it, you know, during a robbery. i think that people who live in ci
Mar 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
the letter of the law than in a place like cyprus and the european union and over let issue is the country and seeing whether or not they can back fdic insurance and we don't have that problem at this point. >> cyprus is hoping to raise money from their bank deposit tax because when the banks do open up and they're closed until thursday. if you're a russian oligarch with $1 billion in a cypriot bank account that is facing a 9.9% tax above 100,000 euros you are going to pull that out and go to jersey -- not new jersey, the cayman islands. >> and they will have it. >> they say it will be one time. >> they'll raise 10 billion and 20 billion. >> they'll come back and that's the issue. >> no, they won't. they'll raise 10 or 20 billion in a one-time move and they'll lose hundreds of billions and the european markets will wipe out hundreds of billions in capital. >> they're doing what they need to do to raise the 5.8 billion euros to get the imf and ecb bailout and they'll deal with the consequences tomorrow. >> this is the old imf. when the imf came to korea in the '90s. when the imf came to lat
Mar 16, 2013 10:00am PDT
that without at least a patch, the government could shut down. by law, we're supposed to have an actual budget resolution voted on and in place by april 15th. but as i said, we are way behind on that. and then on may 18th, we're set to hit the debt ceiling. some say that's going to be the real showdown. annie lowry is the economic policy reporter with "the new york times." nancy cook is the economic and fiscal correspondent for the "national journal." annie, both sides put budgets out. everybody knows neither one is going anywhere. what happens next? >> eventually we'll go through the same sort of continuing resolution process you've seen in the last couple years. the budgets are political documents. they'll probably both pass their respective houses but there's almost no way to bridge the gap between them and they're very vague documents. again, these are kind of political postures. we'll go through the same sort of slow process of appropriating money through continuing resolution that we've last the last couple years. >> the budgetary process, central to what the government is supposed to do
FOX Business
Mar 15, 2013 1:00pm EDT
on this. there is no enforcement of copyright laws because it is porn. if there is companies could have a problem with those of finance them. some people at fortress apiece but sold it. it is bouncing around up there. when it comes to the bottom line and wall street would step up to the plate for something so controversial. not because they are involved with is the stealing of it. and we should point* out i have numerous calls out to the founding partners and he @%ill has no comment. if they syndicated completely or tangentially involved, i am coming back get 3:30 p.m. lori: what are your bookmarks? >> mine are pretty lame. [laughter] all debris track how you can look at other people since. we have jeff flock on whisky trail. >> looking at the tobacco industry, let's kick things off. drinking on the job by hopeless jack daniel's. >> if i don't make sense i have an excuse. the ground foreman had an incredible run. show me what is inside. what am i looking at? >> it is fermenting it in six days that goes into the barrels. >> amazing. i wish you could smell this don't get too close
Mar 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of slavery and jim crow law. the system of mass incarceration and no doubt has doctor king turning in his grave today. the mass incarceration of people of color in the united states is paramount to a new caste system, one that shuttles are young people. it has a permanent second-class status, nearly as effectively as the earlier assistance of racial and social control. it is, in my view, the moral equivalent of jim crow. on tuesday, march 26, join us live for twitter and facebook. one prosecutors crusade against crime and corruption is next on booktv. he sat down with us in virginia during our recent visit. >> you're sitting in the conference room of the arlington county sheriff. this is the shotgun that was used by the prosecutor in the early 20th century. a guy by the name of crandal mackey. the selected as the commonwealth attorney and he conducted a series of raids where he shut down brothels and saloons and all kinds of dangerous places. i've used this shotgun when he conducted those roots. crandal mackey was from south carolina. his father was a prominent judge and author in south c
Mar 15, 2013 4:30pm PDT
laws. i begin my conversation with the man who coined the phrase "irrational exuberance" in 1996, by asking whether we're anywhere close to that giddy spirit right now. >> nowhere close. the characteristics of what has been going on recently are actually more related to the removal of various types of what we call mor areas of uncertainty, and the so-called tail risk, meaning the risks that are very unlikely to happen. but if they do, they have a very large impact. europe has been hanging over the american markets now for quite a while. and the removal of that risk, at least temporarily, i think it is only temporary, has enabled the underlying forces of the market to begin to come into vision. and what those forces are, are the deep-seated exceptional discounting that is going on of stocks to a point where so-called equity premiums are virtually the highest level in history. that means that it is very difficult to get the stock market to go down significantly from here. >> so you think, then, that earnings aren't as big a significant contributor to where stock prices are, the fed
Mar 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
of law enforcement community throughout america. no one wants to ride on an airplane and know that the person in the seat next to you will have a pocket knife. i hope congress will put the needed pressure to hip so he can make a change in his decision. >> i know the bill introduced already. we'll see what happens. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me. >> the talkback question of the day. should the tsa walk back its policy on knifes. facebo or tweet me @carolcnn. we're back in a minute. looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for
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the law on your side. neil: tonight, apple could be in a whole galaxy of hours, samsung galaxy that is. anything but a party for apple. left you think the party is over for apple, take it from another apple riflapp rival who said no. >> apple is a incredible company, microsoft is an incredible company, the work giving consumers unbelieveable tools with voice recognition, and that is a cool sector of the economy. and you know only reason i don't feel bad about not being there full time is the philanthropy stuff is equalliy exciting. neil: but i guess it serves as a reminder in technology world, is tough to stay on top. or be everyone's tech favorite. i don't know whether automatic replacement for apple samsung, but i want to ask you about microsoft and windows 8, come to mixed reviews. what do you think of windows 8? you've seen the product. what do you think? >> well, i'm biassed. i love windows 8, i use it all of the time. it is actually really taking off right now, looking at volume the of download and store and number of machines coming in on the touch, have you touch as well, not j
FOX Business
Mar 14, 2013 11:00pm EDT
.com today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. [beep] [indistinct chatter] [kids talking at once] [speaking foreign language] [heart beating] [heartbeat continues [faint singing] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me ♪ ♪ i was a lonely soul, but that's the old me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at neil: tonight, apple could be in a whole galaxy of hours, samsung galaxy that is. anything but a party for apple. left you think the party is over for apple, take it from another apple riflapp rival who said no. >> apple is a incredible company, microsoft is an incredible company, the work giving consumers unbelieveable tools with voice recognition, and that is a cool sector of the economy. and you know only reason i don't feel bad about not being there full time is the philanthropy stuff is equalliy exciting. neil: but i guess it serves as a reminder in
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Mar 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
pass a series of laws and set up a series of regulations which turn around 700 years of economic history is the source of the problem. and in other words, you cannot stop bank failures. you cannot stop financial crises. they will continue to occur. you can maybe moderate. melissa: more and more capital is not going to do the trick. what is the danger of folding too much capital? does it make them inefficient to mexico and the economy? >> first, you know, every major bank that failed was overcapitalized. according to the rules of the time. in other words, none of the banks that failed, washington mutual, national city, compass, none of these banks were judged at the time as having been undercapitalized. they were considered to be more than adequately capitalized. that tells you that it is not capital that causes a bank to fail. it is a lack of cash flow. it is a lack of liquidity. they don't talk about liquidity or cash flow, but that is what turns any company to fail. melissa: meanwhile, they have become the favorite whipping boy in washington. also, you know, for shareholders an
FOX Business
Mar 15, 2013 9:00pm EDT
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Mar 16, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. at we put the law on your side. ♪ gerri: -- >> today you are surrounded by opulence which arguably simply came from hard work and a single idea. does the american dream still exist? >> i think so. and, you know, i did come from success measured by the obstacles that you have to overcome in order to achieve them. so because somebody has had an underprivileged upbringing, it handicaps them, but you can say that those individuals cannot make it if they have an opportunity. >> my goal as long as i can remember. so the idea of leaving to do something else is counterproductive because i and then just not. gerri: welcome back. we are live from the golden nugget, atlantic city for fox business network all they long special. taking a look at the big money from alcohol, tobacco, and support, what you just saw. we are going all in on gambling. joining me now, general manager of the golden nuggettlantic city. welcome to the show. great to see you. as has been $150 million renovating the property. of course, all the experts say it is all about reinvestment. what do you make of that? >>
FOX Business
Mar 17, 2013 10:00pm EDT
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